Prostitution bust; Mothers fight for their kids; Teen saves burning brother

WAVE 3 News Anchor Janelle MacDonald
WAVE 3 News Anchor Janelle MacDonald

It's been quite a night!

It seems like here at WAVE 3, sometimes everything happens all at once and tonight is one of those nights.  I hope you'll make plans to join Scott Reynolds and me tonight because we have a lot of incredible stories.

Remember that big prostitution bust in Jeffersonville last summer??? Kentuckiana police appear to have made a similar discovery tonight as they took down a business right in the middle of an office building.  You'll only see it happen on WAVE 3 tonight as Jaimie Weiss tells us about what police found.

WAVE 3's Matt McCutcheon talked to a Southern Indiana mother who's not sparing any words as she describes how mad she is about the short sentence for the man who shot video of her ten-year-old daughter in the girl's bedroom.

Last month, we told you about the Louisville police officer who's on desk duty after his fellow officers say he ran over another man with his car.  The mother of that victim livid he's still on the force.  She talks to WAVE 3's Katie Bauer about what she's doing.

And this had me in tears tonight and I don't cry easily.  A 13-year-old boy in Louisville acted quickly to help his little brother when the ten-year-old was hit by a flaming gas can.  He was so emotional as he told us what happened and I can't help but admire him for how brave he was.

I hope you'll stick around for NBC's new show, Go On after the Olympics and then join us at 11:30 for WAVE 3 News.

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