Cards Meet the Media

(LOUISVILLE, KY) We are just over three weeks away from the start of the football season, so on Wednesday afternoon, U of L held it's annual media day.

Head Coach, Charlie Strong and his to coordinators, Vance Bedford (defensive Coordinator) and Shawn Watson (offensive Coordinator) addressed the print media at the podium before sitting down for one-on-one interviews with TV reporters.

Expectations are at an all-time high under Strong's tenure after being pegged to win the Big East Championship at the conference's media day. Quite a change from when Strong first took over at U of L. The coach says this time of year, he gets antsy, because he knows the season is right around the corner. "You look at it, we started in January with the off-season program. Then you got the spring ball. Then you get to the summer and they get their conditioning in the summer...and now you feel like they've gotten bigger and stronger, and you're ready to have your football team. So to get them now, and now the preparation is so critical because it's all for the upcoming season," said Strong.

His assistant coaches share his enthusiasm. "I'm really excited about getting ready for practice. To get out there and get these young guys going...right now, we have a lot of fun," said Bedford. "You get in July and about midway through July, you're ready to go to work, because you know the season is coming up, so it's a fun time," agreed Watson.


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