Remembering father who lost sons; Man killed; Taxing controversy

Janelle MacDonald
Janelle MacDonald

Back to work, back to normal …

We've had a great couple of weeks bringing you the Olympics on WAVE 3 and NBC.  Now that they're over (I can't believe it,) we're back to our normal time, so join us for WAVE 3 News at 11!

I just got finished writing a story about the death of Marc Hampton. He died today of a heart attack. If you've seen any of the stories we've done with him, than you probably remember his spirit as he tried to recover from the deaths of his three sons in a car crash.  The father of the other teen killed when Herbert Lee fled from police remembers his friend tonight.

WAVE 3's Katie Bauer just walked out of the door on a breaking news story.  We're getting word from MetroSafe that a man has been shot and killed in Louisville's West End.

A Kentuckiana city is facing some major budget problems and part of the solution will be to tax people who work there but aren't residents.  Some say it's unfair and others say there's no other way out of their money pit.  WAVE 3's Connie Leonard was in La Grange tonight and she'll let you hear from both sides and decide where you fall.

Fans of Louisville chef Edward Lee who loved him on Bravo's Top Chef will soon get another chance to taste his food.  We'll tell you about his latest restaurant and how it's tied to Louisville's arts scene.

Plus, if you're as sad as I am about the Summer Olympics coming to an end, we're looking ahead to some of the preparations already being made for four years from now.

Join us for all of that after Grimm on NBC … we're on at 11:00!

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