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College Closet helps students in need

Dana Jackson Dana Jackson
Carlos Coffey Carlos Coffey
Supplies in the College Closet. Supplies in the College Closet.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Before college freshman start their first college classes, they go to the dorms and face a whole new set of problems they may have never faced before.

Dana Jackson, Executive Director of the Network Center for Community Change realized a change was needed in the aid that was given to students headed to college. Financial aid for many is absolutely necessary to get in but they need more.

"The young people were telling us about their fears about going off to school," said Jackson.

The fear is not about admission fees. For many low income students with higher education aspirations it is the simple bare necessities of dorm life and living that are causing the stress.

That's where the idea of the College Closet originated. A closet filled with absolutely everything a first time freshman would need given from the community to the local youth reaching for their dreams and a higher education.

Jackson said, "We're talking higher dollars too and one of the things that the young people told us was it was easier when you were little."

Once you get to a particular age and a particular size there aren't a lot of back pack give-a-ways for you.

Carlos Coffey, a sophomore at the University of Kentucky, had to do it on his own. He explained, "I wish I would have known about it before this year cause it would have helped me out a whole lot."

Coffey, now a volunteer, is also the programs biggest cheerleader. He wants the community to know it's not just elementary and high school kids that need help getting supplies to be successful, "That's how it's portrayed to us. Kind of like forgotten. You're college age, you're adults there you go.  It's like we're getting sent off but we still need help."

The college closet is saying out loud they need help, lots of it.

They are in great need of extra long twin sheets, large plastic tubs, pillows, detergent and absolutely anything you think a college student may need.

If you don't want to shop but you want to help you can send a check written to NC3 College Closet.

Spalding university has allowed them to use Morrison Hall for collections. You can also call (502) 583-1426 if you need to shop at the closet.

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