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Animal shelter adopts 'No Kill' policy

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - An animal shelter that's been through its own challenges, is challenging the community. The J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter is partnering with No Kill Louisville, an animal rights group, to eliminate euthanasia among "adoptable" pets. The shelter is aiming to be no-kill by August 2013.

A no-kill shelter indicates less than 10 percent of the animals are killed. However, seriously ill, injured and/or dangerous animals are still put down. The city-owned and operated shelter will not receive additional funding but the Louisville non-profit promised to provide resources and support.

"I can't do this by myself. I need community support. I need a little direction. So I'm partnering with them to expand our mission," J.B. Ogle Director Sarah Green said. Currently, half of the feline population is euthanized. Green said most of the dogs are adopted.

When Green expressed her concern, No Kill Louisville's President began collaborating with the new director. "She's been working with the rescues to improve the shelter, to improve the quality of the care, to save pet lives and involved the community," Jessica Reid said.

Green worked as a volunteer at the shelter prior to her current position. "Thanks to Sarah Green's compassionate leadership, we will be focusing our organization's efforts on helping her realize her vision of a No Kill facility. We welcome this opportunity to prove the No Kill model is not only effective, but that our community's pet lovers are ready for it," Reid said.

According to a news release, the partnership means No Kill Louisville will work directly with J.B. Ogle's staff to increase adoptions through public outreach, new program formation, and volunteer recruitment; work to increase the number of foster families; provide fundraising support; and work to increase awareness and further development of the shelter's spay/neuter programs including Trap-Neuter-Release for feral/unowned cats.

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