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Strong Dazzles at Luncheon

(LOUISVILLE, KY) U OF L Head Coach, Charlie Strong is usually very intense, especially with the start of the football season just around the corner, but Thursday afternoon, he showed a different side of his personality.

Expectations for the Cards, both locally and nationally are at an all-time high. Quite a stark contrast from when Strong first arrived in Louisville. In front of a sell out crowd at the Downtown Marriott Hotel, the coach shared told the crowd that even the food at the luncheon taste better, now that his program has such lofty expectations.

"Things are beginning to change. I will say this to you. The meal was pretty good, because three years into it, it was better than our first year here, because people didn't think we were gonna be any good. Coach Carter made me aware of that. Then last year, Vance (Bedford) said it wasn't very good, so this year is pretty good, because people think we're going to be very good, so Marriott stepped up the meal for us," joked Strong.

The jokes didn't stop there for the usually, low-key head coach. When introducing the team nutritionist, Anna Grout to the crowd, Strong informed the crowd of just how hard her job is when trying to tell players what they can and cannot eat. "Anna's always telling them what they can eat, and what they can't eat, so she's always in their plate. Some of the guys don't really like, but that's the way it is. You know the Mack, and the Miller, those guys don't like that because they want to eat all the time. Especially Jamon Brown," said Strong.





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