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Parents, students getting ready for first day of school at JCPS

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- We all remember our first day of school jitters. With that comes the flood of questions, emotions and excitement. For Jefferson County Public School kids, all of that is less than a day and a half away. With a projected enrollment of 101,000 students, JCPS and other students and parents are ready for the all important first day of school.

"New school and new friends," said Caroline Hartmans who is going into sixth grade.

Hartman's mother, Twila said she was excited for the first day of school. " It's going to mean doing homework with kids and a different routine."

That routine of homework and school work requires needed supplies.

"We're here to get a few straggling items," Theresa Beam, another parent said as she shopped for back to school items with her daughter. "A couple of folders and binders just to stay organized."

Beam had advice for other parents who still had some shopping to do.

"You need to get out now. Because it's been picked through a little bit. That's my advice," She said.

Earlier Sunday, over at the JCPS CB Young Center, superintendent Dr. Donna Hargens and others took your calls telling you the right bus stop for your student for that important first day.

"I want to say to parents, you're our partners and you are incredibly important," Hargens said. "The tone you set at home about the importance of learning and the importance of taking school seriously caries over to the classroom."

Twila Hartmans agreed. "Parents have to be involved with their kids. You can't expect the school to do every piece," Hartmans said. "They do a lot, but parents need to pay attention to what their kids are doing and listen."

As thousands of students get back into the classroom, Dr. Hargens had a message.

"I want to say to every child make sure you work hard. The opportunity to have a wonderful education is here in the Jefferson County Public School system. So, take that seriously and work hard and ask questions," she said.

"I think it's going to be a good year," said Morgan Beam who will be a Junior at Mercy Academy.

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