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Victim, family talk about being hit by a burning gas can

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A 10-year-old boy badly burned after being hit by a burning gas can is out of the hospital.

It happened August 8 outside of an apartment along 44th Street and Elliott Avenue.

Solomon Henderson went to the hospital with 3rd, 4th and even 5th degree burns. His road to recovery continues, but will take awhile.

"All of this is healed. The new skin is coming back. The color is coming back," his mother said, pointing to his shoulders.

Henderson's 13-year-old brother, Charles Mosby, literally gave his brother the shirt off his back after Solomon took off running while on fire. Their mom explained, "We tried to get it out but it re-ignited and caught him back on fire and that's when his brother actually put it out with his shirt."

A neighbor cleaning his basement threw the can out after it caught fire. That's when it hit Henderson.

"I didn't know what hit him. I just saw him take off in flames. My mind was blank. It wasn't I couldn't believe it or is it happening I just saw my son on fire and I took off running," his mother said, wishing to not give her name.

Henderson spent nearly two weeks at the hospital. Nearly half of his body was burned with intense burns. His right ear perhaps suffered the worst damaged.

"It feels wet right now," Henderson said.

In the coming weeks, a doctor will determine if a skin graft or plastic surgery is needed around the ear.

He's bandaged, but not broken as his older brother turned hero will point out.

"He's stronger than me. He got burnt. He's stronger than me," Mosby said.

While Henderson doesn't like to talk about that day, he remembers what he was doing when he was hit.

"I was running to get my mom," Henderson said.

Tuesday, she'll look for home schooling supplies, since his doctor won't allow him to return to the classroom just yet. In fact, Henderson's hands are still healing.

"On this side of his hand, if you look you see the brownness coming back," his mom said.

Investigators said it was an accident. The mother said the man who threw the can has been helping ever since it happened.

"I have no hard feelings. It was just an accident," his mother said.

His mom said that insurance has been paying most of the bills. The family was actually preparing to move when the incident took place. That move has been put on hold.

Henderson is also undergoing counseling to help cope with the traumatic event.

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