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Broken collarbone can't keep an Ironman down

Rhonda Curry Rhonda Curry
Curry swimming in the Ohio River. Curry swimming in the Ohio River.
Curry riding her red tricycle in Cherokee Park. Curry riding her red tricycle in Cherokee Park.

LOUISVLLE, KY (WAVE) - There's a right way, and a wrong way, to prepare for a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run, all in one day. Riding a red tricycle around Cherokee Park is the only way for Rhonda Curry.

Just eight weeks ago, Curry broke her collarbone in a bad bike crash while training for the Ironman triathlon.

"You know what? Not one time have I ever thought I wasn't doing this race," Curry said while out training on her big red trike. "I just had it in my mind I was doing the race even though doctors told me a few times you should get the race out of your head."

The hunched over position she was forced to ride in on her conventional triathlon bike was too painful to endure with a fractured clavicle. The upright position on the tricycle took a big weight off her shoulders. But there's something more painful than biking when you're training for a triathlon with a busted collarbone. Swimming 2.4 miles in the Ohio River is tough enough with 3,000 other people thrashing around on race day.

Curry has lost a lot of training time. She was cleared to get back in the water just two weeks ago.

"My orthopedic surgeon looked at my arm. He's a cyclist. He looked at it, manual tested it, and he said I'm weak," Curry said.

Her ordeal has made her realize there is a sea of people around her battling to overcome a weakness of their own.

"Especially in Ironman, we're all struggling just the same," said Curry, "and when you're training, for a race, or fitness, or to change your health, or you have a heart condition, we're all in the same boat, trying to do the best we can."

Curry finished Ironman Louisville last year in 13 hours 41 minutes. Her only goal this year is to finish happy and healthy.

Ironman Louisville starts on the Ohio River next to Tumbleweed on Sunday, August 26 at 7 a.m. Just under 3,000 athletes representing 49 states and 16 different countries are expected to take part.

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