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Teen charged for Tweeting names of abusers says she won't be silenced

Savannah Dietrich Savannah Dietrich

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A judge said she'll make a decision by rule by August 28 if Savannah Dietrich's cases can be open to the public. She's the Louisville teenager getting national attention for tweeting the names of the two juveniles charged with sexually abusing her.

Dietrich said her initial intention when she tweeted the names of the two teens who sexually abused her and took pictures, was to let her friends know the version the teens were saying happened was a lie, but now that it's gotten national intention, she hopes it will help other victims of sex crimes to speak out.

"In my case, there was a lot of foul play done and I feel like I should have the right to name my attackers," Dietrich said. She was charged with contempt after the Tweets because everything that happens in juvenile court is private. That charge has since been dropped.

David Mejia represents one of the male teens in the case. He said just because Dietrich's Tweets have made news coast to coast, it's not enough to change the rules of Kentucky's juvenile courts. "Juvenile proceedings in and of themselves for the benefit of the youth really compel and require we protect their privacy and confidentiality. To do otherwise harms them potentially (and) harms their growth, rehabilitation and return to normal life."

"Rehabilitate?" questioned Dietrich about Meija's statement. "What about me? Why is it that the welfare of the boys is more important than mine? They're the ones that attacked me. I've never done anything."

Mejia said his client has already received threats when his name was put on the internet. He said since his client hasn't done anything to make his name known, it shouldn't be released.

Dietrich's attorney, Thomas Clay and the attorney for the Louisville Courier Journal, Jon Fleischaker, who's requesting the case be open said there's more at issue, including questions about why the judge ordered Dietrich not to say anything and how the plea deal in her case came about.

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