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Troopers remove thousands worth of marijuana from fields

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Farmers aren't the only growers harvesting their crop in the coming weeks. Camouflaged within the corn is a plant that shouldn't be there. Often, it's not planted by the farmer.

Troopers pulled thousands of dollars worth of marijuana Tuesday sprouting up across southern Indiana.

Once troopers trekked through thorns and thistles, they navigated into cornfields where officers in planes communicated where to find dozens of plants.

"We know when we're close. We'll smell it sometimes even before we'll walk in on it," said an undercover troopers.

A specialized unit within Indian State Police focus on marijuana growing operations and they invited the media along. "We'll fly marijuana eradication missions and we'll spot it, we have spotters on the aircraft that will spot the dope. We just use our eyes. A lot of people think we use some kind of infrared scope, but we don't. We can see it in plain sight," Trooper Mike Bennett said.

Troopers took media representatives on the Marijuana Eradication Mission in southern Scott County. Later, troopers eradicated approximately 100 more Marijuana plants in Harrison and Clark Counties, according to a news release.

Every mature plant is worth $1,000 when it's dried, packaged and sold on the street. If an individual is caught with a mature plant a suspect could be charged with a Class D felony.

"Our main goal is to find these grows and make arrests but sometimes like today we have them out in cornfields. We don't have the means or resources to sit in a cornfield all day so we'll just eradicate it," Bennett said.

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