Nutrient-Rich Soil Best Foundation For Successful Garden

(LOUISVILLE, June 10th, 2004, 4 p.m.) -- The key to a great garden is great soil. WAVE 3 Garden Talk expert Cindi Sullivan talks about the best kinds of soil for your garden.

You've heard me say before that healthy soils grow healthy plants. Good soil structure is important for your garden, but perhaps even more important is making sure that your garden soil has lots of microbial activity.

Your local garden centers are making it easy for you to get your soil healthy with a number of new organic products.

One of my favorite new products on the market is called Soil Soup. You can get everything you need to make your own solution of Soil Soup at home if you like or buy it ready-made. Once cooked up, soil soup is a liquid that is filled with millions of healthy soil microorganisms -- beneficial bacteria that help to create a garden soil teeming with activity.

Wallitsch Garden Center has a Soil soup cart called a SOIL SOUP Kitchen of course-where you can fill containers of Soil Soup to take home and use right away in your garden as a foliar application or to apply to your garden soil.

It's important to think of your soil as a living, breathing organism teeming with life. If you do, you'll have healthier plants that are more resistant to disease and more drought-tolerant. Plus they'll look fantastic.

Online Reporter: Cindi Sullivan

Online Producer: Michael Dever