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Police: Parents sold their son marijuana

Katie Shively 9Source: WLEX) Katie Shively 9Source: WLEX)
Hershel Brown (Source: WLEX) Hershel Brown (Source: WLEX)

ANDERSON COUNTY, KY (WAVE) – A traffic stop that began with a 17-year-old boy ended with his parents in legal trouble.

According to police in Anderson County, Hershel and Karen Brown are accused of selling marijuana to their son.

The Brown's told police that "times are hard." The boy's mother said, "I didn't give him marijuana. I sold it to him for $120."

Police were not impressed by the Brown's excuse and neither was the Brown's neighbor Katie Shively who said, "It's disturbing, it's sad. Not just that they are allowing their son to do it and providing it, but also using him for money, charging him for it."

Police took the boy's father into custody and cited his mother. Police said the parent will be an example for their boy when he sees what happens to people who break the law.

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