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2 PRP firefighters fired

Brenda Burton Brenda Burton
Brenda Burton's son, Willie. Brenda Burton's son, Willie.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Two Pleasure Ridge Park firefighters are out of a job. They were let go by the board of trustees of the Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Protection District for a violation involving alcohol. Brenda Burton and her son Willie live across the street from PRP's Fire Station 5.

"I've been very aware of not hearing those sirens." Burton said.

No sirens have come from there since early July. That is when Fire chief Vincent Smith suspended eight firefighters for a violation of department policy involving alcohol. WAVE 3 spoke to Burton about the violations.

"I was hoping they didn't drink to excess because I've got a handicapped child and if my house caught on fire, I would need help getting him out," she said.

Thursday, PRP fire chief issued a statement saying;

"On August 22, 2012, the Board of Trustees of the Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Protection District decided that the preponderance of the evidence presented at separate hearings on disciplinary charges against two (2) members, each of whom had been suspended July 2, 2012, supported the charges against each member for violation of the Professional Conduct Standards and the Zero Alcohol Policy; and determined that each member should be dismissed from the Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Protection District. A Decision On Charges was entered in each case. Other disciplinary cases are pending."

In a vote of 7-0, the board decided to dismiss Tony Sills and Jerry Keener from the department.

WAVE 3 asked Burton is she felt the board made the right decision.

"I'm sure they did. I'm sure they investigated it. I'm sure they found that some of the allegations were valid," Burton said. "It's just upsetting to think that they are functioning below what's expected."

As Burton waited to hear those sirens again, "Bless the work of their hands. As they're pulling out, they don't even know they're being covered with a prayer, but they are," she said with a smile.

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