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Family mourns after boy takes his own life

Missy Grawemeyer Missy Grawemeyer
Cody Brown Cody Brown
Major Keith Whitlow Major Keith Whitlow
Noah Grawemeyer (Source: School photo) Noah Grawemeyer (Source: School photo)

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) – A death investigation continues after a 12-year-old boy died Tuesday in his home from a gunshot wound. New Albany Police said there doesn't appear to be foul play.

The Hazelwood Middle School student told his parents he didn't want to go to class Monday because he was sick to his stomach. The next day, Noah Grawemeyer passed.

Missy Grawemeyer said her bright 7th grader tested in the top 98%, took honors classes and studied hard. "We don't know what was going on with him. We're never going to know."

Noah's mother and brother wanted to open up about the 12-year-old who they say always had a grin and good attitude at home. "What could be so bad at that age? What could someone possibly be thinking? He had so much more to look forward to. And we'll never get to share that with him," Missy Grawemeyer said.

His brother thinks he may have felt different at school. "He mentioned that he thought about being home schooled. I didn't think anything of it. We all knew that he disliked school but he was a lot like myself. And kept to himself, so it was hard to tell what he was feeling," Cody Brown said.

Police are being very careful about releasing the circumstances surrounding Noah's death, but investigators are working with school resource officers to learn more about what happened on the bus, in the hallway and classroom.

"There have been some rumors floating around in the community about possible bullying. We have no evidence of that at this point in time, but we are looking into to see if there's any credibility," Major Keith Whitlow said.

Additional counselors are available to students at Hazelwood Middle School as Noah's family thanks neighbors and strangers for love and support.   

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