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DUI tragedy: victim passes away, widow shares struggle

Charlie and Patty Klosterman (Source: Patty Klosterman) Charlie and Patty Klosterman (Source: Patty Klosterman)
Charlie in the hospital (Source: Patty Klosterman) Charlie in the hospital (Source: Patty Klosterman)
The scene of the accident. The scene of the accident.
Nicholas Snoddy (Source: Oldham County Jail) Nicholas Snoddy (Source: Oldham County Jail)

OLDHAM COUNTY, (KY) - This week an Oldham County man was laid to rest after he was hit by an alleged drunk driver fleeing from police. A grand jury will decide if the suspect will face stiffer charges after the victim died from injuries caused by the wreck.

In a WAVE 3 exclusive interview, Charlie Klosterman's widow takes us through the nine excruciating weeks before he passed away.

The 65-year-old man finally talked his wife of 18 years into buying a Harley Davidson motorcycle. "He loved riding that bike more than life itself," Patty Klosterman said. "He always wore a helmet. That was our deal when we got the bike. Promise to always wear a helmet and he did."

Charlie Klosterman kept his promise on June 13. That's the day law enforcement attempted to pull over a car driven by Nicholas Snoddy, 23, who police said was speeding at least 100 mph.  Officers said Snoddy was also driving while intoxicated.

"Charlie was just on his way home from work. He stopped to pick up dinner. And I guess this guy blew out of nowhere. And it was pretty much at the crest of the hill. Charlie had no warning that this car was coming," Patty Klosterman said.

Klosterman lost a leg. His lungs collapsed. The man was in and out of coma, for days at a time, after the fiery crash. Snoddy walked away from the accident unharmed and was booked into jail.

The Air Force veteran was primarily kept and monitored in the Intensive Care Unit at University Hospital. "They put him on this horrible bed which turned him 360-degrees, hanging from the bottom of the bed like an hour or so. They thought that would help work the lungs," Patty told WAVE 3. Instead, she says Charlie's blood pressure worsened.

For more than nine weeks, the grandfather who loved working on his farm and keeping up with his grandkids, could barely keep his head up.

Patty is finding forgiveness in the situation, but struggles to move on without the man who's been by her side – and vowed to stay beside him until he passed away August 18.

"I just can't believe that someone would care more about getting caught doing something wrong than hurting or killing another human being - who was just totally innocent of the whole situation," she said. "Now that [he's] been taken, I'm going to have to find a new life somehow."

WAVE 3 attempted to contact Nicholas Snoddy.  He was unavailable for comment.

The Oldham County Prosecutor's Office is still building a criminal case. A grand jury will meet in September to determine whether charges should be upgraded.

The family has set up a fund to help offset medical and funeral expenses at The Bank Oldham County. Ask to donate to the Charlie Klosterman Accident Fund.

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