Police still investigating My Pool Store owner

Charles McCarrick and his ex-wife Mary Huff.
Charles McCarrick and his ex-wife Mary Huff.
Eric Flack interviewing Larry Madison.
Eric Flack interviewing Larry Madison.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A local pool store owner accused of stealing thousands of dollars from his customers is still the subject of a police investigation. WAVE 3 Troubleshooter Eric Flack first exposed the alleged theft in his investigation in early August. Police have made sure the owners haven't left town - and it now appears they may be getting the message that customers want answers.

The lights are on but no one's home at My Pool Store on Dixie Highway. Larry Madison owns the business next door and has watched a flood of customers walk up in search of the store owners.

"They peek through the windows," Madison said. "They're just trying to get their money back."

Over at the Outer Loop location nothing's changed for customers who claim they paid thousands of dollars for above ground pools that were never delivered by Charles McCarrick and his ex-wife Mary Huff.

Customers contacted the WAVE 3 Troubleshooter Department said even though Huff is listed as the business owner it was McCarrick who took the payments for the pools.

And it's McCarrick, not his ex-wife, who's been charged with three counts of theft by Louisville Metro Police. He was arraigned on those theft charges August 10, just days after the Troubleshooter investigation aired. Now we've learned the Kentucky Attorney General's Office is now involved.

Fielding new complaints from customers and handing them over to detectives, adding to a growing list of potential victims.

Madison pointed out pieces of tape on the store front of the Dixie Highway location, where angry customers left signs demanding their money back.

"The owners came back and ripped them down," Madison said.

Madison said My Pool Store shut down in late July, but he saw McCarrick and his ex-wife there in mid-August. Madison said the couple took down those complaints but left behind letters from attorneys and a sign promising new management.

McCarrick and Huff did not respond to messages seeking an explanation about what happened. But after the original investigation aired, Troubleshooter Eric Flack received an email from someone called cmccarrick64, claiming Charles McCarrick left My Pool Store when his marriage ended.

"Things take time," the email said. "And just because they have a dozen customers yet to finish this year does not make them criminals."

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