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FDA approves cool way to lose weight

Before and after results. Before and after results.
Dr. Joseph Banis Dr. Joseph Banis

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)-  There's a cool new way to get rid of unwanted fat that doesn't require a crazy diet or surgery. Coolsculpting is an FDA approved device to treat areas of fat on the stomach and love handles.

Dr. Joseph Banis is among the first in Kentuckiana to offer the technology to patients. "Number one it's pain free. It meets what our population really wants, non-invasive, no surgery," said Dr.  Banis.

Karen Kent tried it in January and is thrilled with the results. "After having children, I just had these love handles that I couldn't get rid of. I didn't want to have any needles or surgeries or pain," said Kent.

"Coolsculpt was named because it's a technology that freezes fat cells," explained Dr. Banis, "Crystallizes the fat and induces what we call early apoptosis, that's a medical term for cell death."

But patients have to be patient. The treatment takes about an hour per section of fat. The love handles and stomach area would be three areas, so that would take 3 hours.

The device works like a vacuum, and suctions up the fat and cools it.

Patients leave with pink skin that feels quite cold, but over a period of time, up to three months, the fat cells die and release their lipids. That's when patients see a reduction in the bulge.

And it's a permanent loss of the fat cell. "Can you get fat again, Yes." said Dr. Banis, "But your contour would always be altered in a positive way."

"I lost an inch in my waist line," Kent said, "Which I was really pleased, I wasn't expecting to lose that much."

Depending on how much a person needs to lose will determine the number of treatments. Dr. Banis says it's best for people who don't need to lose a lot, otherwise numerous procedures would get costly and then liposuction would be the better option.

The cost of Coolsculpting starts at $1400.

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