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RNC: Rep. Tim Griffin of Arkansas

Remarks on the Republican National Convention floor from U.S. Rep Tim Griffin, R-AK:

I am proud to represent Arkansas's Second Congressional District. I am fighting to change Washington at its core because I know we can do better.

Record unemployment. Record debt. And $716 billion raided from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare.

We can do better.

In Little Rock, we have a company with over 500 miles of pipe ready for the Keystone pipeline - but that pipe is sitting in a stack, because President Obama says "you can't build that."

We can do better.

We can't afford to rehire someone with a bankrupt vision and a failed plan. This moment in history is too big. The security of our children and grandchildren is too important.

Like a man who is lost but won't ask for directions, President Obama has no earthly idea how to solve this country's problems, yet he beams with confidence in his cluelessness. And who's his navigator? Joe Biden?

Folks, we know we can do better.

When I look at my daughter Mary Katherine and my son Baby John, I have no choice but to be optimistic about the future of our great country.

I don't want us to waste this opportunity to replace small, rudderless confusion with bold, purposeful leadership. Let's do better.

Let's elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and send Barack Obama and Joe Biden on a permanent vacation.

God bless you and may God continue to bless the United States of America.

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