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Children found home alone, mother facing charges

Akon Atem Gak (source: Metro Corrections) Akon Atem Gak (source: Metro Corrections)
David Nul David Nul

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A mother is facing charges after two children were found inside an apartment alone, sick, and smelling of urine and feces.

Akon Atem Gak, 25, was released on her own recognizance Monday night after spending only a few hours behind bars at Metro Corrections.
Daniel Barr is the maintenance supervisor at Iroquois Gardens Apartments. On Monday, apartment 204 was supposed to be sprayed for bed bugs. Barr was notified that there was a much bigger problem.

"They were snotty noses, dirty diaper," said Barr. "Each was in different rooms with the doors closed. One was in the small bedroom, one was in the big bedroom, the air conditioner wasn't on and it was 81 degrees in the apartment."

Barr immediately called police. Over an hour later, the children's mother showed up. She told police she went to the library to study.

"I don't understand how people think nowadays I don't understand," said Barr.

It's something David Nul is also trying to understand. Nul is the father of the two children that were left home alone.

"She went to the library and thought she would be back soon," said Nul.

Nul said he went for work at the Home of the Innocents early Monday morning and by the afternoon, he was informed that his wife was arrested and his children were taken to Kosair.

"I've been here 11 years in this country and I know you can not leave kids at home," said Nul. "So, it's very dangerous for the kids, small innocent people like this."

Nul said it's the first time this has happened. Akon was released from Metro Corrections and was home on Tuesday but didn't wish to talk to WAVE 3.

Barr said in a way, he was glad the apartment was supposed to be sprayed and hopes this mother learns a lesson.

"I was happy that the guy was there, no telling how long they would have been by themselves," said Barr.

The family is originally from Sudan. Akon is facing two counts of endangering the welfare of a minor.

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