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Meeting discusses claims of racial discrimination at Fourth Street Live!

Nicholas Jones Nicholas Jones
The Improv at Fourth Street Live! The Improv at Fourth Street Live!
Theresa Boyd Theresa Boyd

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Is Fourth Street Live! welcoming to everyone? Dozens of residents packed a closed-door meeting Tuesday night with the venue's owners to discuss what they say is racial discrimination. 

"I felt very frustrated," Nicholas Jones said.

Jones is one of the people who didn't have a pleasant, lively visit to Fourth Street Live!

"I thought I was in dress code. The bouncer downstairs assured me that I was and I paid my money.  WhenI got to the top of the steps to go in, the sheriff told me that I had to leave," Jones said.

He, along with dozens of others, packed a community meeting with Cordish Company, the owners of 4th Street Live! to give them an earful about their experiences.

Theresa Boyd is one of the people who helped organize the meeting.

"There have been claims of racial discrimination from getting into Fourth Street Live! in regards to their clothing, and very is different things like holding parties here, and perhaps some of the agreements seem to be strange into or subjective," Boyd said. 

Cordish Officials who came to listen and address those issues say they see it differently, insisting the 10-year-old venue has been nothing but welcoming to its 25 million visitors.

"We do not discriminate there is no degree of racial profiling here. Dress codes are a fabric of the entertainment business has incorporated as part of doing business and that's simply doing business," Zed Smith with Cordish said. 

The meeting lasted about three hours. 

Cordish officials say they will look into concerns about consistency with those personnel who check dress code standards. 

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