Bridgewater Sets Sites On Cats

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Seeing Louisville's frantic offensive pace belies how slow it's actually playing out in quarterback Teddy Bridgewater's mind.

A year ago, he was reacting to situations and relying on instinct like any freshman. Mistakes were made and lessons learned, but in football Bridgewater had to digest things by the next series.

It was a season-long process in one sense, which began with last season's third game at Kentucky. Forced into action when injury knocked out starter Will Stein in the second quarter, Bridgewater played the seasoned role by throwing for two touchdowns in a Cardinals victory.

A Big East Conference title and bowl bid followed, and Bridgewater now starts the season Sunday leading No. 25 Louisville against visiting Kentucky, intent on showing the Wildcats how proactive he has become since then.

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