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Indiana AG files lawsuit against troubled condo

Senior who was pushed into pool. Senior who was pushed into pool.
WAVE 3 caught video of a resident tried to snatch an envelope. WAVE 3 caught video of a resident tried to snatch an envelope.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - There is a new development in the bizarre story of a feuding condominium complex. WAVE 3 has been reporting on problems at the Harbors Condominiums in Jeffersonville since summer 2011. Now the Indiana Attorney General is involved. Troubleshooter Eric Flack got his hands on a copy of a lawsuit filed by the state and looks into the impact on residents.

Board members from the Harbours Condominiums Association are accused of fraud in the lawsuit for mis-managing home owners dues. The allegations laid out in the Indiana Attorney General's lawsuit are so complex, it took 43 pages to cover it all.

Basically the AG's office is accusing three board members of using their positIons to commit fraud, giving sweetheart deals to business partnerS and ignoring condo renovation rules to flip properties and make a buck.

The lawsuit filed in Clark County court Thursday morning asks the judge to remove the board members, Kevin Zipperle, Mary Lou Trautwein-Lamkin, and Sharon Chandler. It also asks they be forced to pay restitution to the condo association for losses to dues and income to the homeowners association.

It's the latest black eye for the Harbours. In April things got nasty when WAVE 3 caught video of a resident tried to snatch an envelope of Thunder viewing bracelets from a Harbours employee without agreeing to rules limiting patriotic displays on balcony's. And in September 2011, security camera video showed a 72-year-old resident getting pushed into a pool by another Harbours employee.

That employee was charged with assault, but the senior who ended up in the pool ended up in court too. She was charged with battery for allegedly spitting on the condo employee off camera. A spokesperson for the Attorney General said its investigation began in 2010 the exact amount the board members would need to repay would be determined by the judge.

The state is also seeking civil penalties for violations of the home loan practices act which could be up to $10,000 per violation.

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