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County attorney remains on sex assault case despite victim opposition

Savannah Dietrich Savannah Dietrich
County Attorney Mike O'Connell County Attorney Mike O'Connell

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A judge rules a teen sex assault victim can not remove the prosecutor from her case because the girl and her attorneys don't have proper legal standing.

"He was biased in this case," Savannah Dietrich said. The 17-year-old is the victim in an underage sexual assault that occurred at a party.

During a hearing in Jefferson County District court Friday, Judge Angela McCormick Bisig denied a motion that would remove the Chief Juvenile Prosecutor from Dietrich's case.

"The motion to disqualify the Jefferson County Attorney's Office must be overruled," Judge McCormick Bisig said during the juvenile hearing.

Dietrich's attorneys claimed Paul Richwalsky offered the boys a lenient favored the teens because Richwalsky is an alumnus and active booster of Trinity, where the boys went to school.

"He's denied that emphatically. We could talk about where everybody went to high school in every criminal proceeding or every involvement in Louisville and you'd probably find the same argument somewhere along the road," County Attorney Mike O'Connell said.

Two teen boys pleaded guilty to felony sexual abuse and misdemeanor voyeurism. Prosecutors said the boys admitted to taking photos on their phones during the assault.

The judge also ruled there's some disagreement whether Dietrich was properly informed of the plea deal.

Judge McCormick Bisig made it clear: Savannah Dietrich will have a voice during the sentencing proceeding. "Most importantly, her position on what would be a fair and just resolution on this case will be heard by this court," McCormick Bisig said.

Dietrich plans to open up about her dissatisfaction in court - set for September 14th. "I've been thinking about that since I reported it. I've been thinking about everything I want to say to the boys. I've been thinking about everything I want to say to the judge."

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