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Southern Indiana animal control officer caught selling drugs

Robert Young (Source: Clark County Jail) Robert Young (Source: Clark County Jail)

CHARLESTOWN, IN (WAVE) – An animal control officer was arrested after police said they caught him selling drugs when he was supposed to be working.

In his city-owned car and wearing his animal control polo, Robert Young went to work on Friday, but police said this job had nothing to do with cats or dogs.

"We caught him selling drugs," said Major Jason Broady, Charlestown Police. "We have all the evidence we need, we feel like our case is going to be lock solid, you know it doesn't get any better than that when you talk about a case."

Broady said officers were conducting an undercover investigation when they witnessed Young selling methamphetamine inside his animal control car.

"We pulled him over, got him out of the car, immediately we found paraphernalia on his person," said Broady. "He was apprehended, he admitted being involved in the drug business and in particular dealing methamphetamine."

Detectives then executed a search warrant at Young's home at the Creekside Apartments.

Neighbor Mariah Demarco watched everything unfold. "I was really shocked," said Demarco. "I called my sister right away and I was like 'Oh my god. We have a meth lab in our freakin' apartment complex and she was like who did it and I was like the cop guy'."

Police secured a lot of evidence from his house and they believe not only was he selling meth, but also manufacturing it, too.

"They were bringing out cans, just big cans, and buckets of stuff and everybody was like, well there's more," said Demarco.

Young was the city's only animal control officer. "He's given certain powers from the state of Indiana, I mean he is given arrest powers and he's out here selling drugs to people in the community and it sets a bad example for everybody," said Broady.

After his arrest, Broady said he was immediately fired and according to him rightfully so.

"If you are going to take on a position of selling drugs in the community, it doesn't matter if you know us or not, we are going to get you, we're going to catch you, you are not going to get away this," said Broady.

Broady said Young was emotional and apologetic during the time of his arrest. He is currently in the Clark County Jail being held without bond.

Young was arrested on several drug related charges, including Dealing Methamphetamine, Class A Felony, Possession of Methamphetamine, Class B Felony, Manufacture of Methamphetamine, Class C Felony, as well as several other various drug related charges.

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