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KentuckyOne program provides care after hospital release

Edna Richards Edna Richards
Tracy Darden Tracy Darden
Sandy O'Neil Sandy O'Neil

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For many people who are hospitalized, chances are greater that they will be readmitted within thirty days after their release especially if they live in three zip codes in Jefferson county. A unique partnership between KentuckyOne and the Metro Health Department may change those numbers, even save lives.

Edna Richards is back home after spending five days in Jewish hospital.but her care didn't end there. She continues to get help for 30 days after her release.

Edna Richards said, "Just being there and helping me be sure my medication is on track. They helped me with school uniforms with Kanaye, seeing if I need anything, just calling making sure I'm alright."

The support comes from a new breed of community advocates. Tracy Darden is one of three community peer advisors.

Tracy Darden said, "I work with clients coming out of Jewish hospital once they are discharged from the hospital then it's my job to go visit them to see what they need. What barriers they have and how I can help them with any resources in the community."

Even when it comes to the basics, like making sure patients can get their medicine. "We have volunteers to work with clients in the community - to either walk with them or to carry them to the store to get them because she did say she had some concerns about certain medicines that she's on and having people to either follow her or probably to try to take them from her because they were using," said Tracy Darden.

Sandy O'Neil is a community Care Nurse Navigator at Jewish Hospital. She is the point person who pairs the patient with the peer advisor.

Her goal with the program is to help patients have the resources to get well, so they can avoid being readmitted to the hospital.  Their study shows the majority of patients who have been hospitalized, , especially in zip codes 40203, 40211, and 40212 ,have to be readmitted to the hospital with 30 after their release. The program may even save lives.

Edna Richards said, "It's good because I have had two of my friends die after they got out of the hospital cause they didn't have nobody to come check on them and they passed away in their bed."

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