Two Houses Found Floating In Ohio River

By Craig Hoffman

(WESTPORT, Ky., June 16th, 2004, 5 p.m.) -- There was a strange sight on the Ohio River Wednesday: around lunchtime people near Westport spotted two houses floating in the Ohio River. As WAVE 3's Craig Hoffman reports, there's speculation they could be from as far away as Frankfort.

Water rescue crews quickly moved to check out reports of at least one house floating down the Ohio. They found it near Westport, close to the Kentucky shore. Actually, they found two houses -- a mangled two-story house, and a one-story section of another house.

North Oldham Fire & Water Rescue Coordinator Don Dahl helped corral the house and secure it.

Even the Coast Guard moved in to see what all the commotion was about. Fire crews have an idea where the house came from and when it may have fallen into the Ohio.

"I would say it's been at least since the storms a couple of weeks ago," says North Oldham Fire Chief Rick Albers. "We have in fact some mail that was found on board, addressed to a gentleman in Frankfort, Kentucky, so I am not certain, but it's possible it came off the Kentucky River and floated up the Ohio and came downstream from the Ohio from Frankfort."

Fire crews are trying to contact the owner of the house -- or houses -- to find out what happened. They say it's a typical shanty along the river, and though it's not in the best of condition, it looks like someone recently lived in it.

Online Reporter: Craig Hoffman

Online Producer: Michael Dever