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June 23, 2012

Comedy Cruises

The Belle of Louisville has renewed a partnership with Comedy Caravan offering a series of late night comedy cruises on the Spirit of Jefferson. Each moonlight cruise features a group of comedians who both entertain and emcee the two hour excursion. The remaining Friday Comedy Caravan Cruises are scheduled for September 7th, October 5th, November 2nd and December 7th. Each cruise boards at 10:30 pm, departs at 11:00 pm and returns at 1:00 am. Tickets are $21 per person with concessions, full-service bar and gifts available for purchase. For more information or to purchase tickets please visit www.belleoflouisville.org.


SPAVA (Society for the Prevention of Aggressiveness and Violence among Adolescents) works to build a nonviolent and united society. The SPAVA mission is simply to help create a nonviolent society by education and being role models for the younger generation. SPAVA objectives are:

·Learn the value of hard work and the joy it generates.

·Learn the skills of anger management and negotiation.

·Discover the advantages of assertiveness.

·Develop the spirit of "liking myself for who I am".

·Learn respect, honor, integrity, resilience, perseverance and compassion.

This summer SPAVA will be teaching at California Community Center, Center for Women & Families, Americana and the Urban League. They currently have other community centers on a waiting list as well.  SPAVA is also involved with the Mayor's Compassionate City program, Hotel Louisville and The Family Resiliency Project, the Compassionate City Children's Charter and the Coalition for CWWV (Children Who Witness Violence).

At the end of the school year, students submit essays and acts of kindness for awards. The SPAVA awards ceremony at the end of the school year gives students money for future education and summer camps.

SPAVA volunteers attend a 2-hour training session which reviews the curriculum and activities. The lessons are all activity based so that the students can become involved in the class. Spalding University and the University of Louisville offer many students to SPAVA as volunteers. The schools also provide feedback to SPAVA so that they can continue to improve and update the materials. The universities are a huge sponsor of SPAVA, along with Kosair Charities and private sponsors.

For more information about SPAVA please call 502-485-8185 or 502-485-7731.

Fright Night Film Festival and Fandom Fest

Fandom Fest brought in over 10,000 people to Louisville this year. This year's event offered a family friendly atmosphere as well. It ran from June 29th - July 1st, 2012 at the Galt House Hotel.

Fandom Fest brought in celebrities galore, Bruce Campbell "Burn Notice, Evil Dead", "The Walking Dead's" Norman Reedus and Madison Lintz; from "The Lord of the Rings" Sean Astin & John Rhys-Davies, "Buffy The Vampire Slayer's" James Marsters , Nicholas Brendon; "Beverly Hills 90210" stars: Jason Priestly, Luke Perry, Christine Elise McCarthy and Judy Aronson;  "The Boondock Saints" stars Sean Patrick Flanery and David Della Rocco join Norman Reedus;  Corey Feldman, "Weird Science Reunion" with Robert Rusler, Suzanne Snyder;  Caroline Williams and Bob Elmore from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2";  "Friday the 13th's" Jason - Kane Hodder, Alex Vincent from "Child's Play"; Sid Haig "The Devils Rejects"; Tyler Mane from "Rob Zombie's Halloween"; Deborah Foreman, Tiffany Shepis; "Face Off" stars Glen Hetrick, R.J. Haddy plus New York Times bestseller Authors  - Timothy Zahn, Jim C. Hines, Robin Hobb, Ernest Cline, Angie Fox, Julie Kagawa, Richard Kadrey, and John Scalzi, Artists; Larry Elmore, Angel Medina,  Brian Pulido, Mark Texeria  and many more......

This is the only show of it's kind in the region, Fandom Fest  offered over 900 hours of things to do from shopping in the Vendor Hall with over 300 Vendors, searching for the right comic book,  meeting the Celebrities up close and personal, talking with your favorite  Author, watching one of the many films in the International Film Festival. The opportunity to pitch your ideas for a film with "Pitch Fest", to audition with one of the biggest agencies in LA, participate in a  Literary, Filmmaking, Makeup or Art Educational Class. 

For more information go to www.fandomfest.com.

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