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5-year-old boy missing for 10 hours fell asleep on bus

(WMC-TV) – A kindergartner who went missing for ten hours was reunited with his family just after midnight Friday.

Memphis police and Memphis City Schools are still investigating the case. The bus company, which dropped the boy back off at his school, says he was safe and sound all along.

"My son alright and he okay, that's all I'm gonna tell y'all alright, I'm done," said Tavian Williams father, Xavier Bean.

The kids were let out of Carnes Elementary School at 2 p.m. Tavien was supposed to take the bus to day care, but when his mom showed up there to pick him up, he was nowhere to be found.

His family searched the area for hours and called 911. It was not until after midnight that investigators say an individual dropped him back off at Carnes Elementary School.

The bus is owned by Premier Transportation downtown. The company says Tavien did take a bus to an after school ministry program but got back on the bus and fell asleep.

An attendant cleaning the bus at the headquarters found the boy sleeping in the back and alerted a supervisor.

He was then dropped back off at Carnes Elementary School.

Family members say they plan to take him to the doctor to get checked out.

Police say the boy was unharmed and is not injured.

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