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Family remembers man killed at Homeowners Association meeting

The church where the shooting occurred. The church where the shooting occurred.
Mahmoud Yousef Hindi Mahmoud Yousef Hindi
Marvin Fisher and his wife Candace Fisher (Source: Family photo) Marvin Fisher and his wife Candace Fisher (Source: Family photo)
Marvin Fisher (Source: Family photo) Marvin Fisher (Source: Family photo)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Police said they are in the process of upgrading the charges the man who police said shot the president and vice president of his homeowners association.

Mahmoud Yousef Hindi, 55, is already charged with the murder of David Merritt, 73. Merritt died Thursday night. Marvin Fisher, 69, passed away Sunday morning from his injuries.

Candace Fisher, Marvin's wife, said he had a smile like a Cheshire cat. "He's a great, great man and that the whole community has lost something wonderful."

His son Paul said he shared that contagious smile while helping anyone Marvin thought could use it. "He wanted to stick up for the community as well. That's why he was on the homeowners association to stick up for what he thought was right and to do what was right."      

Fisher's family said he served on the Spring Creek HOA for ten years. "Thursday night he gave me a kiss and said I love you and I'll see you soon and went out the door," explained Candace. Not long after, Candace, who had been married to Marvin for 43 years, said she got a call from her neighbor to turn on the news. There she saw the crawl on the bottom of the screen that two people at Springdale Community Church where her husband was meeting were shot. "In my heart of hearts I knew he was one of them just because he had been in the forefront with Mr. Hindi. Mr. Hindi saw him as the person who was causing him all the trouble."

Candace Fisher said her husband treated Hindi just like any of his other neighbors, keeping everyone in line with the rules to keep up the value of the homes in the neighborhood. "We knew that Hindi had been threatening people and he knew that too, he said oh he's not going to do anything. Don't worry about it."

On Thursday night, Candace did have to worry. By 10 o'clock she said she had to call the hospital to find out Marvin had been admitted. For days she, her family and her neighbors sat by his side until he passed from the gunshot wound.

Candace said she's now holding on to more than four decades worth of memories that still bring a laugh, "He loved to cruise because he loved to eat you could eat all you wanted on a cruise."

She's also still finding kind words for the family of the man who police say shot Marvin, "I would like the Hindi's to know we have no malice toward them because we know they had no part in this."

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