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Audio interview with Josh Young released

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Trey Zwicker (source: Family photos) Trey Zwicker (source: Family photos)
The school where Zwicker's body was discovered. The school where Zwicker's body was discovered.
Josh Young (left) and Joshua Gouker (right) Josh Young (left) and Joshua Gouker (right)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - We're getting a look at some new evidence in the case against a father and son charged with murder. Police interviews with Josh Young, 16, have just been released, giving a better idea of the relationship between Young and his father Josh Gouker.

Both are charged with murdering Trey Zwicker, 14, in 2011. The recent police interview with Josh Young took place on July 20, 2012. Detectives asked him about a gun used by his father Joshua Gouker, "It was a silver gun," said Young. "It wasn't a revolver, it was a pistol it had a clip and when he cocked it slide back." Young said his father got the got the gun from a cousin.

Young is currently at Louisville Metro Youth Detention Center, he was the first charged in his step-brother Zwicker's death.  Zwicker's body was found behind Liberty High School in May 2011. Not long after the murder, police said Gouker and Young fled to Alabama.

"Do you know if it's the same gun that he (Gouker) had in Alabama," questioned the detective. "Yeah, it is," said Young.

This past July, Gouker was charged with Zwicker's murder. Late last month, he had an outburst in court. Gouker told the Judge that he killed Zwicker by himself.

In newly released audio recordings, Young talked more about his relationship with his father.

"Did Josh Gouker provide you with marijuana," questioned the detective. "Yeah, all the time," said Young. "It started off in my first home visit Christmas Eve. Then every time I visited him we smoked, and then when I moved in it was everyday."

Gouker and Young are expected in court on Friday.

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