77 year old badly beaten; Hindi court fight; LOL? Turns out it wasn't so funny

WAVE 3 News Anchor Janelle MacDonald
WAVE 3 News Anchor Janelle MacDonald

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A 77-year-old Louisville man was tied up and severely beaten.  He's now fighting to survive and his family is turning to WAVE 3's Katie Bauer to get the word out about the attack.  It's a story you'll only see on WAVE 3 and this family is hoping you can help find the assailant.

WAVE 3's Matt McCutcheon listened to the court hearings in the fight between Mahmoud Yousef Hindi and his homeowners association.  He's the man accused of killing two last week at a HOA meeting.  What do they reveal about Hindi and his issues with the neighborhood?

Plus, we've gotten the 911 calls made shortly after a man was hurt in a shooting by an off-duty Metro Police officer.

And a Kentucky woman was arrested for DUI but that wasn't even what got her in the most trouble.  Check out what happened to her for a posting on her Facebook page.

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