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911 calls after deadly church shooting released

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Calls made after a deadly shooting in a church have been released.

David Merritt and Marvin Fisher were shot during a homeowners association meeting on September 6 in the Springdale Community Church.

Police said the shooter was Mahmoud Yousef Hindi.

Police have not released all of the calls but WAVE 3 obtained the following calls;


CALLER: "Ma'am, ma'am, there was a shooting at the church down the street."

DISPATCH: "At the church?"

CALLER: "Springdale Community Church."


DISPATCH: " 4601 Springdale, on the shooting?"

CALLER: "Yes."

DISPATCH: "Are you with any of the patients?"

CALLER: "No, I'm with my daughter and we left. Got out of the parking lot and just pulled away."

Hindi had appeared in court less than two weeks ago for a fight with his neighbors over a fence and driveway on his property.

He is scheduled to face a judge on Friday to answer to a charge of murder.

Hindi is already charged with the murder of David Merritt, charges in Fisher's death are pending.

Hindi's brother has claimed Hindi has serious mental health issues and that is why he killed his two neighbors.

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