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Motorcyclists involved in hit and run hope for an arrest

Mike Shea Mike Shea
Scene of the wreck. Scene of the wreck.
John Tolliver John Tolliver

HILLVIEW, KY (WAVE) – The victims of a hit and run nearly two months ago in Bullitt County hope for an arrest. Police said the driver responsible for hitting the two motorcyclists has never been found.

The men have been released from the hospital, but they still have a long road to recovery ahead.

Mike Shea could never predict that back in late July when he decided to go for a ride with two of his friends, that in an instant their lives would be turned upside down.

"I don't remember seeing the car," said John Tolliver, victim. "I don't remember crashing. I woke up two and half weeks later in the hospital."

Tolliver and Shea were riding side by side. Karen Mingis was right behind them. The three got less than a mile down the road when they were hit.

Shea and Tolliver were badly injured. Mingis saw it all. "At that point, I laid the bike down and just let it slide," said Mingis.

She ran to her friends, not knowing what to expect. "I saw Johnny first and I honestly thought he was dead because of the way he was gasping for air," said Mingis.

The crash happened in Bullitt County on the Brooks exit onto I-65 south. Hillview Police say a car turned in front of the motorcyclists. Police say the driver then took off running, leaving passenger. Wendy Dishman behind in her own car. Police say she first tried to tell police she was driving, but multiple witnesses saw a man flee.

They have not been able to identify the driver because Dishman has given them two different names. These three can only hope that someday that man will be caught.

"We've got a lot of people that have been affected by this and the only one that hasn't been affected his him," said Shea.

Tolliver spent more than 30 days in the hospital. His medical bills are well over $700,000. Both men are out of work and waiting to see what insurance covers.

Hillview Police ask you if you have information about the driver involved in this crash to give them a call at 502-955-7480.

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