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WAVE 3 Editorial – September 18, 2012: Register and Vote

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Nearly one of every four Americans is not even registered to vote in the upcoming elections, less than 50 days away. If you are one of them, you have 20 days to register to meet the registration deadline. Do it now!

When you do register, and for everyone who is already registered, take a minute to find out where you will be voting. This will be the first presidential election cycle in 20 years to immediately follow a United States census. Some precinct boundaries have been redrawn and some polling locations reassigned so where you vote may be different than where you used to vote.

Absentee voting in Jefferson County, Kentucky starts Monday for the many folks who are eligible and all who will be outside the county on Election Day, November 6.

Take time to become a more informed voter. Races like the Jefferson County Board of Education are vital to the future of this region. Our news team plans a one hour prime time election special preceding the Vice-Presidential debate in three weeks to provide more information on the candidates and races and our website will update information daily.

In the last presidential election, Indiana ranked 39th and Kentucky 32nd in voter turnout. Let's crack the top 10 for both this year!

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