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Police: 50 pot plants growing in basement

Mark Willis (Source: Clark County Jail) Mark Willis (Source: Clark County Jail)
Willis being taken into custody. Willis being taken into custody.

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Investigators removed at least 50 marijuana plants from a Clarksville house after police served a search warrant and arrested the homeowner.

Police charged Mark J. Willis, 42, for maintaining a common nuisance as well as possessing and dealing marijuana.

Undercover and uniform officers visited Willis' home in the 100 block of North Elm as neighbors watched in shock and awe.

"That's two doors up from me. I think it's just horrible," Eva Sullivan said as she watched officers carry lights, potted plants, paraphernalia and chemicals from the residence.

What Sullivan did not know and police suspected - that Willis had a marijuana cultivation operation. Police would later discover two basement rooms filled with hydration and ventilation systems.

"Anybody that has this many plants it's not for personal use. We feel it's for dealing. He's selling or giving it away to somebody. It's not for his personal use," Detective Darrell Rayborn said.

When asked whether the marijuana was used for personal use or dealing, Willis said it "wasn't your business" to WAVE 3's Scott Adkins. Willis did not provide additional comments as we was escorted to a police cruiser.

"It's not a huge operation, but it's pretty elaborate," Rayborn told WAVE 3.

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