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Teens accused of stealing 9 cars in Nelson County

The teens allegedly stole this truck on Sunday. The teens allegedly stole this truck on Sunday.
Police said the teens stole this SUV. Police said the teens stole this SUV.

BARDSTOWN, KY (WAVE) – They are accused of stealing nine cars in Nelson County and investigators said the suspects did not even have their drivers licenses.

Police believe the three juveniles that have been caught in this case are the only suspects, but not only are they facing charges, so are their parents.

"They just started like happening one right after the other," said Officer Tom Blair, Bardstown Police.

For the last three weeks, Bardstown Police have had their share of car thefts. Nine autos have been stolen and all have been recovered except one. Some were damaged and police blame three 15 and 16-year-olds.

Police said they searched different businesses and homes for unlocked cars. "Some of the vehicles had the keys left in them or on the dash or in the glove box," said Blair.

Blair said he believes they were stealing the cars on the north side of the city, just to get to the south, where another friend lived.

"They needed a ride, so they took whatever they could get," said Blair.

Emma Madison lives on Camptown Road, her partner's Ford truck was taken right out of the driveway on Sunday.

"He had come out to go get the Sunday paper," said Madison. When he realized it was gone, they immediately called police.

"Within about three hours they had found the truck and the boys were still in it," said Madison.

Nelson County deputies were able to stop the car and put a stop to this ongoing spree.

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"They were doing this from at least 9:30 at night until at least 6:30 in the morning," said Blair.

Something Madison just doesn't understand. "Where's the parents? Those boys should have been at home behaving themselves," said Madison.

The parents of the suspects are charged with a curfew violation because the thefts happened so late at night.  

As for Madison, now she says all cars in their driveway will stay locked. "Well my car stays locked, but he has changed on his part," she laughed.

Police also believe this group is responsible for stealing multiple four wheelers and a dirt bike. These items have not been recovered.

If you have information that could help this case, you are asked to give Bardstown police a call at (502) 348-6811.

The juveniles face multiple charges including auto theft, criminal mischief, criminal trespassing and several traffic violations.

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