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Attorney: Councilman says commission after Shanklin

Barbara Shanklin Barbara Shanklin
Dan Johnson Dan Johnson

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – The attorney for Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin said the Ethics Commission is out to get her.

She is being investigated for allegations of misconduct in financial disclosure and nepotism. Among the claims, she hired her grandson, knowing he had six felony arrests.

Attorney Aubrey Williams said Metro Councilman Dan Johnson called him Sunday and gave him that information, and now Williams is calling for the panel to step away from hearing this case.

"Councilman Johnson called and told us that the case had been pre-decided at least by one commission member and we believe that this commission member has discussed it with other members of the commission," said Williams.

Williams said Johnson told him he got this information from his wife's sister's husband, who was a friend of a commission member.

"Now why would this man call me who he hardly knows except by name or reputation to give me that information unless he saw some dirty work going down," said Williams.

Councilman Johnson did not return our call and was not at his budget committee meeting on Thursday. When we stopped by his house, we were asked to leave.

According to the Metro Council Democratic Caucus spokesman Tony Hyatt, Johnson appears to be acting on his own.

"I do not know of anyone who encouraged him to contact Mr. Williams," said Hyatt.

Hyatt said all council members were asked by the county attorney not to talk about any ethics case with anyone because there is a possibility it could come before the council. Members could become the jury if that happens.

"I have gotten no indication from any of our members that there is any concern about the ethics commission or its members in dealing with this case," said Hyatt.

According the Courier-Journal, Councilman Johnson also pushed to delay the ethics hearing past the November election for fear it could hurt other democratic council members. Something Williams says is not true.  

"It makes no sense that if you were going to continue it after the election than why would you begin it or ask that it begins on the eve of the election," said Williams.

The hearing was scheduled October 25-27. It was moved back by the request of Williams. It will now be November 6-8. 

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