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Police: Mom, boyfriend abducted 4-year-old at gunpoint


Police say a four-year-old girl was abducted at gunpoint late Friday night from her father's home by her mother and the mother's boyfriend.

The child was later found safe, and two suspects have been arrested.

Kandice Brown and Derrick Theron Richardson are expected to appear in court Tuesday.

Police are looking for a third man they say was involved.

The incident happened at a home off Derrydowne Drive in the Hickory Valley neighborhood.

Bradwick Richardson told WBTV off camera he walked outside to his car to give his girlfriend's friend a ride home when they were approached by the three suspects. 

Police say Derrick Richardson, no relation, pointed a handgun at them and forced them back inside.  Kandice Brown and an unknown black male suspect also entered the home. 

Money was demanded from Bradwick Richardson, Shaasia Mcilwain and a third adult victim, Sarah Pegues. 

Property and cash were taken from the home during the robbery.  Bradwick Richardson was assaulted by Derrick Richardson during the robbery. 

Bradwick Richardson said his 4-year-old daughter, Tianna, who he has with Kandice Brown was taken from the home screaming while Derrick Richardson forced the trio to sit on the sofa at gunpoint.

Kandice Brown and Derrick Richardson are current boyfriend and girlfriend.    

Robbery Unit Detectives responded to the scene and spoke to all parties involved. Local area hotels were canvassed for the suspects with negative results. An Amber Alert was issued for a time for Tianna.

Police found Brown, Derrick Richardson and Tianna about a mile from where the incident happened on West Sugar Creek Road.

A DSS referral has been made and Tianna will be staying with other family members.

At the home Sunday, Charona Richardson waited anxiously to hug her niece again.

"The whole family is just beyond grateful [Tianna is safe]," Charona Richardson said. "You don't want any family member to go through anything like that..we can keep praying lifting each other up and hoping this doesn't happen again or to anyone else for that matter."

Police say Tianna had been living with her dad since June. There was no formal custody arraignment but Charona Richardson said she feared there would be a custody battle but "never anything like this."

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