Trumpets As Garden Plants

By Cindi Sullivan

(LOUISVILLE, June 22nd, 2004, 5:30 p.m.) -- If you're looking for a dramatic plant for your garden, WAVE 3's Garden talk expert Cindi Sullivan has some suggestions.

If you are looking for a very dramatic plant, Angels' Trumpets are for you. It has large, pendulous flowers that range from 10-20 inches long. The flowers are very fragrant, especially in the evening hours.

Angels' Trumpets, or Brugmansias, are usually kept in pots outdoors in the summer months and then brought indoors to survive the winter here in Kentuckiana, so it does take them awhile before they start to perk up.

During the summer months, Brugmansias need full sun in morning or afternoon Brugmansias are very, very heavy feeders. Fertilize them with a strong solution of water-soluble fertilizer every other time you water. I've even seen references that say daily doses of fertilizer are not too much. Expect as much as 10 feet of new growth during the summer.

A cousin of the Brugmansia is a plant called the -- commonly called Devil's Trumpets. There are distinct differences for the gardener. The Devil's Trumpet will grow two to five feet. It produces white flowers, unless you get a cultivar that is bluish or purple. And they produce seedpods that are spiny and up to two inches across.

Brugmansias and Daturas have beautiful fragrant flowers, but the most important thing you need to know about them is that all of the plant parts are poisonous. So be careful with these plants if you have curious pets or children.

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