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Hidden DVD deals

Boxsets of television shows for sale. Boxsets of television shows for sale.
Disney and other DVD's for sale at local stores. Disney and other DVD's for sale at local stores.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Whether it's a Disney movie that's in the vault or a hard to find DVD boxset, chances are you're going to spend more often double if you do it the easy way and only browse online. We're stretching your video dollars by shopping local.

Along Louisville's Bardstown Road a bargain shopper's paradise of pop culture can be found.

The Great Escape and Book and Music Exchange are a couple of favorites for great finds. 

James Wallace , a Book and Music Exchange employee, said, "Pretty much the same formula.. You know buying people's stuff selling it back to the community."

All for prices for The Great Escape are competitive said employee Sonya Linser, "We compete with the internet by trying to beat their prices. We try to be right at half, if not maybe a dollar or more."

At Great Escape, Disney's Snow White and Pinocchio are both priced 19.99.

At Book and Music Exchange, more Disney bargains are found, including the Sword and the Stone, Pinnochio, Beauty and the Beast and Bambi. All these movies are factory sealed, never viewed and at full retail they would cost you about $40.

Half price here, "That's the book and music difference. No we are a lot cheaper than pretty much anywhere else, especially if you buy online because then you have to pay shipping and things like that," said James

Out of the box at BME Bambie is $15, another great find Finding Nemo.

For $15 we found it priced similarly on line, but at the store it's a no hassle return.

If Disney is not your thing look for cheap box sets like Buffy season 1 for $12.99 at Great Escape.

Linser said on top of that, "They're 25% off every Thursday, all of our movies."

At BME they will even make trades.

Both these stores also offer great finds in music and books.

At the Great Escape there's everything comic book related and some hard to find pop culture toys. 

And unlike consignment shops, if you have stuff to sell you can receive cash on the spot.

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