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Fourth Street Live! dress code causes confusion

Fourth Street Live! dress code Fourth Street Live! dress code
Christopher 2X Christopher 2X

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - There's questions about the future dress code at Fourth Street Live!. The venue has gotten a lot of heat over discrimination. Nearly one month after a local community group met with leaders of the venue, there is still some uncertainty of what or if there will be any changes to the dress code.

Fourth Street Live! is one of Louisville's hot spots to have a good time. But, it's also turned into a destination that makes some think twice about what they're wearing.

In late August, a crowd packed a community meeting with The Cordish Company, the owners of Fourth Street Live! to give them an earful about their experiences. Members of Connected Voices also took part in that meeting. The forum was closed off to the media but, WAVE 3 obtained an audio recording of some of the comments that were made to Cordish officials that night.

"The man back here told me my shirt was too long, I had to tuck it in," said one man.

"I'm a disabled American veteran and I was a victim of discrimination and hatred on the night of June 2nd, 2011," said one man. "I was told by security at Fourth Street Live!, that I could not visit a patio restaurant because I had a sleeveless $50 shirt."

"They thought definitely that they were being excluded from Fourth Street Live!," said Community Activist Christopher 2X.

Christopher 2x is also a member of Connected Voices. He says the Vice President of Cordish, Zed Smith, reached out to him on Sunday saying after that meeting in August, Fourth Street Live! would be changing its dress code after concerns of racial discrimination. Christopher 2X said Smith told him they would now allow, baggy clothing, bandanas and sagging pants, as long as there was no gang affiliated writing.

Zed Smith of Cordish spoke with WAVE 3 after that August meeting. "We do not discriminate there is no degree of racial profiling here," said Smith. "Dress codes are a fabric of the entertainment business that has been incorporated as part of doing business and that's simply doing business."

The Cordish Company sent WAVE 3 a statement on Tuesday stating: "Consistent with prior practice, the Fourth Street Live! dress code will remain in effect when alcohol is being served and the property operates as a night club." - From Mike Leonard, General Manager of Fourth Street Live!
WAVE 3 made additional attempts to get further clarity from The Cordish Company and there has been no response.

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