JCPS Changes For Enrollment, Changes For Fourth Street Live Dress Code

More Rain?

Join us for the latest on our chances for more rain coming up on WAVE 3 News at 5! The sun might be shining now, but there are plenty of chances for more wet weather in our near future. The  WAVE 3 Weather Team  brings you up to date.

JCPS parents listen up! There's a change when it comes to applying to the school you want your child to attend, and it impacts magnet schools. On top of that, you're just days away from having to use the new system.

Fourth Street Live has taken a lot of heat over its dress code, but the code is about to change. Will it satisfy those who said it targeted minorities?

And the NFL referee situation has turned into a national dialogue after what happened last night. We'll have more with Kent Taylor in sports.

See you on the news tonight!

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