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LMPD assures crime tips are anonymous, helpful

Susan Bowling Susan Bowling
Texting is one way to submit anonymous tips. Texting is one way to submit anonymous tips.
Col. Yvette Gentry Col. Yvette Gentry

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Col. Yvette Gentry with the Louisville Metro Police Department gave a perfect explanation for why crime may be able to endure in our neighborhoods. She explained, "Crime occurs because there's opportunity there. I think if I can stand on the corner and I can sell drugs and nobody is going to say anything, I'm comfortable there.  So why would I move and go anywhere else?"

There is a number we give to the public in every newscast, every day. Everyone should know it by heart but why doesn't everyone use it if they see a crime in the city?  The 574-LMPD number is protecting this community when you leave your tips and you use your eyes to keep watch in your neighborhood. If you really want to help in the fight against crime and you really want to join the effort to stop the violence in Kentuckiana, the Louisville Metro Police Department has lots ways for you to help. They all have one thing in common. You will be able to give them information that may help them solve a crime but no one will ever know. In a way, you will be one of the nameless, unidentified, unknown crime fighters for our city. 

Those of us living in Kentuckiana must begin to ask ourselves some tough questions. Why would we allow crime to hang around our homes and our families when we have the means to speak up yet stay safe?

"I promise you it is anonymous," pledges Col. Gentry.

Susan Bowling, part of LMPD's call center agrees, "This is a method that is an opportunity for citizens to have a safe way to be able to relay information." You can safely and anonymously relay any information.

Bowling listed examples, "on-going criminal activity; something that is coming up; could be drug activity; could be some of the homicides going on."

LMPD is keeping up with technology in this ever changing world. Folks in the city have a variety of methods to choose from when it comes to reporting crime and giving tips.

He proudly states, "We're trying to create a venue for every demographic to be able to report crime."


There is pen and paper, the anonymous tip line, web tip, text tip and WAVE 3 announced the newly released tip submit for your iPhone or android. All of these are easy to use and all of them are anonymous. You can find the new tip submit app by logging on to the website Google.

 "It will come up and you just follow the directions and now you have it on your phone," Bowling explained.

WAVE 3 news repeats the anonymous tip line number 574-LMPD daily. In its infancy the line received only 100 calls a month. Today the phone line may get up to 3000 calls in that same time period. There are at least 40 tip aided arrests made per month because of information received from 574-LMPD.

Bowling repeated, "We cannot identify their phone number and we don't record the call."

Don't be thrown by the live operator on the other end of the line. The call is still anonymous, but an operator always answers this line unless you asked to be transferred to the method that is automated.

"It is live and that's very important because that way we can interact with the call because sometimes they might be a little nervous. We don't have a call back number. We don't have a contact that we can call back and say hey we want to follow up," Bowling stressed.

This is so very important because this caller with this tip could very well solve the crime. An operator may be able to ask the right questions and get just the right answers before the caller hangs up.

As a means of communication in today's society, most everyone uses the web somewhere or sometime during their day. The web is a major means of communication for the l-m-p-d and a major method of solving crime. They can even receive pictures.

Bowling believes it can't be stressed enough, "Their email address anyway they've sent it to us is all scrambled."

For those who find it easier to text, that too is a method the community can use to send in a tip.

"All they have to do is put in crimes were you would put a phone number. The first thing you type in is L-MP-D and then you send over the information," explained Bowling.

The texter can continue communication with LMPD or delete at anytime.

We have the tools to help LMPD stop crime and violence. LMPD needs us to take the opportunity if ever necessary to be the tipster.

Sgt. Robert Biven hopes the city receives the message, "Now there's no excuse. We do have an anonymous way for people to take their role and report crime."

We have no excuse not to support LMPD in their efforts to stop crime and violence using the tools that they have provided. We definitely have a reason after all the sad stories and deaths families in our city have faced this summer.

"That's what a community does.  We help each other out," Bowling said proudly.

You can pick up anonymous tip cards that can be mailed or dropped off at LMPD or at WAVE 3 located at 725 South Floyd Street in Louisville, Kentucky.

WAVE 3 will give you as many as you need. You just need a pen or pencil and the card.


All the ways to submit a crime tip are listed below:

  • Call (502) 574-LMPD (5673) and press option 1
  • Submit on the internet at www.louisvilleky.gov/metropolice and click on ‘Report a Crime'
  • Text ‘LMPD' to 274637 with the keyword LMPD plus your crime tip
  • Download an app called ‘Tip Submit' for Androids and iPhones

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