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Woman seeks to move famous barn owned by cat


A famous barn in the small town of Tangent is in danger of being destroyed after the city's funds to maintain it run out.

The barn's rise to fame started 10 years ago when a cat became its landlord. 

Owner John Bass and Kitty Kat the feline lived on the two-acre property with a historic Craftsman-style farmhouse and big red barn, right next door to the city's school.

Kitty Kat became the proud landlord of the historical barn after Bass died in the '80s.

Bass left his estate to Kitty Kat with the idea the city of Tangent would inherit the property and preserve it as a historical landmark.

But, when Kitty Kat died 10 years ago, and Bass' money recently ran out, the city decided it was best to give the barn to a landfill.

"We really don't know any better than to try and save it," said Tangent resident Beth Timmons.

Timmons heard about the barn possibly being destroyed and has spent the past year of her life figuring out how to save it.

"I heard about the cat and thought what a novel idea to leave your estate to the cat," said Timmons. "This is the most beautiful barn, and I think it holds a lot of history."

Timmons just bought the barn from the city and is now using a moving company, Emmet International, to move the barn to her property.

"They're going to jack it up, put it on dollies, and pull it through fields just like you pull a red wagon with a big truck," Timmons said.

Timmons is dealing with a short window of time to save the barn. She has to wait for the end of harvest, and at the same time move the barn before the rain comes in.

Even then, she says, there's the possibility the barn will fall apart during the process.

"Some days, I call myself crazy, but we don't have a lot of opportunities like this."

Timmons says, she likes to think it's what John Bass and Kitty Kat would have wanted.

"I think it's an honor to their memory to do this. This is a labor of love."

If all goes according to plan, Timmons says Emmert International will begin the moving process this Sunday at dawn. 

They will attempt to drive the barn to her home on Tangent Road at the racing pace of 4 mph.

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