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WAVE 3 Editorial – September 27, 2012: Straight Talk

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

The return of the regular NFL officials won't necessarily stop the fan frustration at calls that don't go their way, but it should stop the embarrassment that the rookie replacement officials brought to the game this past month.

Like sometimes happens with substitute teachers, many took advantage of the substitute refs and the refs certainly gave us enough to talk about.

What is disappointing is that the NFL – by far the most popular sport these days – didn't take the lead on being candid and communicating openly with its constituents – the fans.

Just flat out admit calls were blown, teams were hurt, players and coaches were compromised.

The lame announcement this week regarding the hijacking of the win by the Green Bay Packers was an embarrassment. The NFL could have shown much better leadership in just admitting what happened was wrong.

The Green Bay Packer coach showed more class and professionalism by not pouting and complaining. He showed true leadership skills that likely will be awarded by season's end by his players performing at a higher level.            

Being forth-right is a waning quality in our society. Shooting straight and leveling with people would certainly go a long way in making all of our lives better. Maybe the politicians currently running for office could give it a try as well.

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