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Dog left to die in a dumpster, police looking for suspects

The Chihuahua mix. (Source: WLEX) The Chihuahua mix. (Source: WLEX)

NICHOLASVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Police are looking for the person responsible for dumping a badly injured dog in a dumpster.

According to Mike Cassidy with Jessamine County Public Services, a veterinarian believes an infection in an injury on the female Chihuahua mix means she was most likely wounded on Monday.

People who live nearby found the dog in the dumpster behind Helsmdale Apartments, located off Wichita Drive in Nicholasville, on Wednesday.

The dog was covered in sores and fleas on top of a cardboard box.

"Originally we thought it was stab wounds, but after taking it to the vet, they decided it was punctures from an animal attack," Cassidy said of the dogs injuries, "Anybody that does something like that to an animal, it's my belief that they're prone to also do that to humans, whether its neglecting a child. I think it goes further than just an animal."

Now, the dog that was considered trash to someone is the most sought after animal in the Jessamine County Animal Shelter.

Caring for the dog's infection, boarding costs and rehabilitation will be pricey. If you would like to donate you are asked to contact the shelter by calling (859) 881-0821 or (859) 885-4836

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