Accident at Ohio Valley Dragway; Mother says son was abused at daycare; New information on early morning homicide


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We didn't have a 6:00 Newscast, there is a lot to catch up on. WAVE 3's David Williams is out on breaking news tonight. Officials are on the scene of a major accident with serious injuries at the Ohio Valley Dragway. Few details are available about the incident, but are told that three people were injured. One person was airlifted to University hospital, the other two were taken by ambulance. We'll have much more on this story tonight.

And imagine finding out your child was being abused at daycare.  Well, one Kentuckiana mom said it happened to her son. She's furious and speaking exclusively to WAVE 3 tonight. The daycare employee who was allegedly abusing her son was arrested and appeared before a judge this morning. Tonight, find out where this all allegedly took place.

We're also learning new information about a homicide in Louisville's West End. We've been following the story since early this morning. Police are still searching for the person who pulled the trigger.

It was another busy college football Saturday, we'll check out the Cats, Hoosiers, and the Cards. WAVE 3's Mike Hartnett will have all your action!

And we are so happy for Lauren Jones!  She got married tonight...big congratulations to her! See the pictures of the beautiful bride and groom at 11!

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