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What is happening this Monday? Join us…you'll see!

I hope you'll join watch WAVE 3 News at 5 for the latest in breaking news, news of the day, good news and the WAVE 3 Weather Team !

For some of the Frost Middle Students from Friday's chaotic crash, it was their first day back in class.  Although all 51 of the students involved in the accident are out of the hospital and back with family, neighbors near the site in Southwest Louisville wanted to voice their concerns today about the road, the crash and the many other collisions they have witnessed through the years.  WAVE 3's Jaimie Weiss has a live report and the urgent concerns of those neighbors near the scene.  We continue our team coverage ads we hear what happened as parents got a chance to ask questions about the complications they faced as they searched not only for their child but for any information to ease their fears.

A former JCPS employee and current sex offender is behind bars tonight after breaking the law again according to police.  WAVE 3's Maira Ansari explains how his actions at a local public library have now landed him in a local jail cell.

He is the leader of the Big Blue Nation and tonight the guest of WAVE 3 Sports Director Kent Taylor.  In this exclusive one-on-one interview, you'll find out more about the man who makes NBA stars and UK a force to be reckoned with in college ball.  John Calipari sits for a minute tonight.

It's a tale told too often but not too many understand, why so many lottery winner's lives fall to tragedy.  A sad update at five to the story of the woman who won the cash, caused controversy with food stamps and tonight the latest chapter in her story.

The WAVE 3 Weather Team has your forecast.  No matter where you go, weather seems to follow!  It is better to know what is going to be than to get a big surprise.  Isn't a little too hard to carry all your clothes out the door sp you will be ready for whatever comes?    

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