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Adopt a child hero

MCLEAN COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - Lane Goodwin, the McLean County teenager whose story about his battle with cancer has gone viral, is inspiring an effort that brings even more awareness to children fighting the disease.

The "Adopt a Child Hero" facebook group was created late last week by a woman who lives a few miles from Lane.

Individual pages of children battling cancer are posted to this site and visitors are encouraged to 'adopt' any child they choose. The page has already grown to over 350 members.

The creator of the Facebook page Anita Perez said, "My hope is that all the families have someone to give them encouragement. The kids have someone to make them feel like they're special, that there's somebody thinking about them and following them through their journey."

Anita has already added about 40 pages to the group.

She said she does her best to read over them thoroughly and make sure they are legitimate.

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